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My name is Ryin Galaini, I am a 20 year old female artist based in Chicago and New Jersey. I am passionate about painting, illustration and story boarding. Every day I push my creative ability and continue to learn about art and what it means. 

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Sneak Peak

Some of the professional work I have done, from exhibitions to mural work.

June 2022

Signify Murals, Bridgewater NJ

Within this project, 5 artist and I tackle 3 murals. Our goal to express diversity, going green, and connections all together. Over many months we sketched ideas and created a story for these 3 murals. This project was absolutely amazing, and I hope to continue doing more mural work.

November 2022

Juried Exhibition
Best in Painting

Painting about how being an artist can sometimes be the light of your life, while trapping you in a web of worries. Piece was displayed for a month at Raritan Valley Community College.


My Schooling

September 2017 - June 2021

Hillsborough High School

This is where I found my true passion for art, and took an art class all four years I attended. Although half of my high school career might have been online, it allowed me to realize how important having a studio space is.

September 2021 - May 2023

AFA - Raritan Valley Community College

This school and professors allowed me to blossom, while learning to problem solve my own works. Within my two years attending, I have learned many important skills that will be transferred to finish my BFA degree.


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