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About Me and My Work

Understanding emotions within myself and others is an unsolvable puzzle. Throughout my life I’ve had trouble determining emotions, unable to understand why people think the way they do, and why my thoughts are so different. My thought process is black and white while others have colors.  Others seemed to have emotions for things that I have trouble comprehending. Within my art I take my experiences, troubles and confusion by the rein and challenge myself with the question “Why?”. 

I love to use colors within all of my art works, exploring how they can be used. Emotions are commonly portrayed as colors and have definitely helped me understand what my own emotions are as well as my thought processes. I am also exploring my childhood memories integrated with various expressions of colors. Incorporating my memories with how I view them in my mind, internally exploring my emotions at the time and trying to visualize them.


In the past few years, this process of discovering the layers of emotion has expanded my artistic ability. Oil paint is my main medium as well as charcoal, but I explore different mediums that I have little to no experience in. Colors may express feelings, but so do certain mediums. Within these pieces I often allude to deeper hidden meanings by painting flowers with specific symbolisms, such as purity, mourning, vitality and rebirth. From spider lilies to dandelions, I use my botanical knowledge to understand and express various emotions more truthfully and deeply.  

From the variations of colors, symbolism and textures I continue to explore emotions and their true quality. I hope to never stop exploring the feelings we all have and share, and translate them into future artworks.

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